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Cloudless Sky CD cover Cloudless Sky

After a wait that could be best termed "a while," Boyd Bristow has made his first solo recording on Maxine/Audiophile. It is a celebratory collection of folk, R&B, country, gospel, and rock and roll. Featured are some of Boyd's best songs, along with excellent works from fellow South Dakotans Tom Peterson, Bruce Preheim and Dennis Westphal. Cloudless Sky was produced by master musician and recordist Chris Gage at MoonHouse Studio in Austin, Texas. Chris and Boyd go back "a long while." With the help of a cast of great players, and especially aided by the beautiful backing vocals of Christine Albert, they have created a deeply satisfying recording.

Produced by Chris Gage.
Recorded and mixed by Chris Gage at MoonHouse Studio; Austin, TX.
Additional engineering by Christine Albert at MoonHouse Studio; Austin, TX.
Mastered by Jim Wilson at YES Mastering; Austin, TX.
Additional tracks recorded by Brian Bonde at Maxine Recordings; Sioux Falls, SD, and by Boyd Bristow at Image Up, Creative Services; Rapid City, SD.
Graphic design by Kenny Putnam, Image Up, Creative Services; Rapid City, SD.
Photography by Dar Berkenpas; Sioux Falls, SD.

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"Cloudless Sky" is a Maxine/Audiophile recording.

To order, email Boyd directly with the email link at the bottom of this page. Thanks! Free shipping inside the US. Overseas: not too bad, either.

Listen to one of Boyd's classic tunes "Josephine",  'Josephine'
To hear more tunes, go to the CDs tab and look for "LISTEN." Album info

I'm Happy to Announce

April 2015. Maxine/Audiophile (my little record company) has released a Blueberry Buckle Retrospective "Singin' in the Band" and also, "Dennis Westphal and Secret Band"

"Singin' in the Band" documents the Buckle years, 1972-1979. This is a double disc CD. Disc 1 contains live recordings and Disc 2 has studio recordings, including the previously unreleased studio album we did with at Media One recordings studios. There are 31 original tunes on the set, with a few cover songs that were favorite, plus tunes from Mark Henjum and Tom Peterson. Putting this CD together was a labor of extreme love for me and we are all happy to be finally getting these years documented. The album was produced by Al Remund, Al Slaathaug and myself. Susan Osborn, Bob Gripp, Al Remund, Dave Hofstad, Al Slaathaug, Dennis Westphal, myself and some guest artists Chris Gage, Mike Connor, Kenny Putnam, Jay Saul and Doug Moore all appear on the album, so to speak. Dee Nelson and the Dennis Westphal family helped fund the project. Our target audience is simply the great fans that listened to us and supported us. There is a 12 page booklet with photos and explanations about the recordings. Blueberry Buckle was a special band to all of us in the group and we are especially glad to hear Dennis Westphal's wonderful tunes again. So....we also released "Dennis Westphal and the Secret Band," the stereo audio CD of the 1980 concert on the "No Cover, No Minimum" concert series recorded by South Dakota :Public Broadcasting. Between the two projects there are 25 original Westphal tunes, and on the Blueberry Buckle CD there are original tunes from Dave Hofstad and myself, as well. Tom Peterson and Buck Henjum each have a tune on there. The cost for the Blueberry Buckle double CD is 30.00 plus 5.00 for shipping and handling. To order, just email me at The same goes for "Dennis Westphal and the Secret Band." The cost for that CD is 15.00 plus 5.00 for shipping and handling.

The induction concert was a wonderful experience for Blueberry Buckle. We had all three of our drummers: Dave Hofstad, Bob Gripp and Al Remund, with Dickie Dawson and myself on guitars and Al Slaathaug on bass. Susan Osborn made a grand entrance and sang and we ended with Tom Peterson singing "Say Yes to Love." Our soundman, Mike Melody was there running sound, or at least advising the board man on the right moves. The audience was with us and we really had fun. Susan's band Garden was inducted and I got to play some back up guitar with that group (Garden is Susan Osborn, Marilyn Castilaw and Coleen Williams). Tom Peterson was inducted with a life time achievement award and he sounded marvelous. The roar that went up from the 3,000 people there when he sang the line "there's an Iowa driver on a Sioux Falls street" was a real highlight. Zero Ted was inducted and they were knock outs, Mike Miller played solo and astounded, Jim Casey and his group Smoke Ring were outstanding and then.....Red Willow took the stage and brought it all home. It was a special I thought about the Totally Amazing Bitzko Band and Dry Mustard, R&B Supply and others of our particular era. We look forward....but I admit, I also look back. Yes, this was a very special month for concerts...and album releases. Thanks!

Also, please visit : The Comfort Theatre Company

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